Universal chamber plug


Our company developed the design of a universal chamber plug for installation on large diameterpipes in the line for shot blasting of pipes. The design of the universal chamber plug providesfundamentally better performance characteristics compared to traditional (three-beam) plugs thatare currently in use. The main difference between a universal chamber plug and a traditionalplug is the way to fix the plug at the end of the pipe: the fixation is carried out by means of apneumatic chamber pumped when the plug is installed. This method of fixing makes it possibleto provide a more reliable fixation of the plug due to a tight fit over the entire internal diameterof the pipe, which in turn also ensures the tightness of this contiguity, regardless of the out-of-roundness of the pipe.

Due to the technical solutions used in these universal chamber plugs, the following technicaladvantages have been achieved:
- protection of the end blunting of the pipe end from damage to the shot;- complete protection of the internal cavity of the pipe from the ingress of shot and dust, whichallows to exclude damage to the inner coating of the pipe and to exclude the operation forcleaning from the shot and dust;- high reliability of fixation in the pipe, including in tubes with increased out-of-roundness;- versatility, which allows one set of plugs use for pipes with different wall thicknesses in therange up to 10 mm.

Also, at the request of the customer, we make stubs for the traditional shotgun line (three-beam).Nevertheless, the traditional design of the plug is also improved in comparison with the plugsmanufactured by the DHatec, more specifically: the construction of the locking mechanism isstrengthened.